Cait (baybeecait) wrote,

This week went by sooo fast. Valentines day is next week but thomas gave me my gift yesterday. He got my a promise ring...its so pretty! i love it. i kinda knew thats what it was gonna be. I didnt have much money but i got him one of those personalized license plates. he likes it but i have more to give him on tuesday...even though i have to babysit on tuesday! Anyways....Bj had OSS this week for a day and a half b/c he refused to do the practice writing test. So he got to sit at home and play video games i think thats bull..That boy i swear one day he is gonna end up in a place thats worse then where chandra ended up...It makes me so mad when he will yell at thomas b/c thomas tells him to do something but jon could tell bj anything and bj wont even argue...he says thomas doesnt have the write to tell him what to do b/c he isnt his dad but its not like he listens to dad not to mention jon isnt his dad...Bj is getting worse i think and i dont know how much more i could take this morning he was blaming a bunch of shit on me...i guess it sounds like no big deal to you guys but it just gets under my skin...everyone in this house just wants whats best for bj but he acts like we wanna hang him by his toenails...

I need a job really bad...i could get my license on march 10th but i know thats not gonna happen dad says i cant get my license untill i get a job but no1 around here would give me a ride to work if i got a job..Thomas and dad work untill 7 or 8 and chandra has an issue with gas...i dont even know how im suppose to go fill out applications...its really stressing me out. i mean i baby sit 4 days a week but its not enough money..i owe mom a bunch of money im sure for the phone bill and i dont even know when im suppose to pay her for it all..Well anyways dad is taking us out to breakfast so im gonna go get dressed!
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