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Summer is here! im not sure to be happy or what....i usually spend my summer with my mom or hanging out with friends...I have a job now so im pretty sure ill be spending most of my summer there! As of tomorrow i will be a senior...i have spent long years to get to next year but i really wish it wasnt here...High School went by so fast..Im not ready to grow up and go to only 16...GAH! Anyways something else i need to bitch about..Flags! I tryed out for captian this year...but i didnt get it. i was so mad i even cryed. Jenny got it which is good...even great but..idk im not gonna say what im thinking....the other girl that got it is going to be a junior next year...thats what makes me sooooo mad...i dont think anyone should get it unless they are gonna be a senior...w/e enough bitching most people wont even understand...On a brighter note...i can drive now! i got my own car and everything! Chandra and jon are getting married next march or something and they plan on moving out soon...everything is good..
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