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Fucking Drama....

Came home from school today...animal control came by and left a note of stuff...Wonder who could called them!? *rolls eyes* God im soo sick of the drama people like i said b4 need to learn to act there age...What the fuck is this world comeing to...just think if people there age act like this i dont even wanna think aobut how my kids are gonna act when they are that old...i sure as hell hope they act there age and not 17...Fuck even if it wasnt "her" that called them...her and chandra fighting over livejournal...if you got something to say to my sister or to my family GROW BALLS AND COME TO MY FUCKING HOUSE AND SAY IT TO OUR FACE! Anyways They said we needed to take zoe to the vet( has already been) and they said we needed to make sure food and water is out there far as i know water is out there all the time and as for food They get feed inside b/c they come inside after we all get home but SOMEONE didnt bother to find that out....idk w/e im just so sick of all this drama that isnt wanted by anyone and isnt needed by anyone in this house...

To the rest of you hope you had a AMAZING christmas and even better new year i know i did...miss most of you and love even more of you!
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